Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Time

"It's Time," by Imagine Dragons.

I adore this song. I can't help it... the beat is something addictive.
Whenever I play it (and let's be honest, that happens SEVERAL times a day), I turn it up really loud and have to stomp my feet. It's just that kind of song. (I know my downstairs neighbors are LOVING me...)
So, go ahead, turn it up real loud and find something to stomp on!

Imagine Dragons is playing at this rooftop concert (for FREE) in Utah on September 3rd. Road trip anyone??? (Their website is really kinda cool too!)

Finding my rhythm,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Way

It's been a hard week- not depressingly hard, just not a week that I got to walk through without a care in the world. It was one of those weeks where I was faced with moment after moment and question after question: what do I say? what do I think? how do I respond? how do I love? how do I let people love me? who and what is worth my time? and what just isn't? when should I stick around? and when do I need to walk away?

My heart has been broken several times in the past week but it has been a gift to see 1. my heart break for what I know breaks God's heart (this has been a constant prayer for my life) and 2. what (and who) God uses to mend it. Some things really are too incredible to be called coincidence and can only be called the choreography of a loving God. One of those (many, many) things in my life tends to be music- and lately has been this song. At work we have Christian XM radio playing on a circuit all the time so I really do think I've heard every single contemporary (and not so contemporary) Christian song that has ever come out. We hear them so often that Katherine and I know them by the intro. We have the ones that we can not stand, the ones that make us chuckle, and I have the ones that I say, "Oh, I LOVE this song" every single time I hear them begin. This one makes me close my eyes at certain parts because bits of it are such intimate and personal prayers.

All creation cries out with longing
With groans only you can comprehend
And with wisdom, you always answer
And give the words of life so unfailing

And your glory shines all around us
Your faithfulness shown for all to see
When we think of all of your wonders
The beauty of your plan that's been revealed
When we walk in your light, we walk in it

Shine, bright
Let your glory fill this land
Lift high, the King of Kings and great I am
Jesus, you are the way

We can see the works of your loving hands
With a hope and peace not made by man
When you poured out your grace and your mercy
And you held out your arms so we could see
You bled for all mankind and set the captives free

Shine, bright
Let your glory fill this land
Lift high, the King of Kings and great I am
Jesus, you are the way

Na na na na na na, Jesus
You are the way
-The Way by Jeremy Camp

"I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.
The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.
For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it,
in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay
and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.

We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.
Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly
as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.
For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all.
Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for,
but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.
And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit,
because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will."
Romans 8:18-27
(Please read until the end of the chapter- vs. 39- it's beautiful.)

Our world is not as it should be. My life is not as it should be. And something deep in each of us knows this unfailingly (even if we are too broken to admit it out loud). I am constantly reminded that my surroundings are creations and not accidents and that even they bow down to the creator (and often times, they do a better job than I do). The world knows that is is not as it was created to be, and yet all it can do is groan with longing and continue to worship while it waits. I do not always know what to pray for (vs. 8:26), nor do I always know what to write about (so forgive the jumble if you would...) but I will continue nonetheless to remain on my knees and wait in patient submission until I understand my role in making this world more as it was created to be, or until Jesus comes back to do it himself.

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful to touch me,
I know that I'm in reach 'cause I am down on my knees
I'm waiting for something beautiful...
-'Something Beautiful,' by Needtobreathe

"'I tell you,' he replied, 'if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.'"
Luke 19:40

...and all of creation sing with me now
fill up the heavens let his glory resound...
-'All Of Creation,' by Mercy Me

"Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the father except through me.'"
John 14:6

Jesus is the way.
He is the only way that those groanings will be quieted and the longings of our hearts will be satisfied.
He is the only way that MY groanings will be quieted and the longings of MY heart will be satisfied.

Waiting for something beautiful,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

mormon humor

I appreciate different blogs for different reasons. Some give me design inspiration and good D.I.Y. ideas (Jones Design Company), some encourage me spiritually (dontwasteyourcancer and Hope in a Boy's World), and some are just familiar and I like to keep up on the lives of my blog-friends (don't judge me...).

While I read the aforementioned blogs for the above reasons, I do not necessarily read them for their contribution to the literary world or because they are particularly good writers (most of them are "bloggers" not "writers"). CJane is a "writer", and a very talented one, too!

I am not Mormon, and to be completely honest, I believe that most Mormon doctrine is way off. However, for some strange reason I follow several blogs written by Mormon women (Lauren, mentioned in this post, Stephanie, mentioned in this post, and CJane) and I must say that while their theology may be lacking, their humor is not! Courtney Jane Kendrick cracks. me. up. Last night she posted this video and I sat in my living room alone and laughed out loud. (disclaimer: I promise I'm not making fun of Mormon culture anymore than she is making fun of it herself)

Okay, I just watched it again- I had to!!
Questions about the Mormon nametag: --"What if you were at the bar...?"-- (I was rolling... much like Courtney.)
Statement about her Vlogs: --CJane: "I don't know if you watch these, Mom." Sister Clark: "I don't."-- HILARIOUS!
Reading the email from an angry reader: --"'They are not so cute to other parents, they are pains in the --' Courtney: "Well I would say it but you're on a mission, so..." ohhh laughing SO hard!
Did you laugh?? Please tell me yes!! I think she's a hoot! And the fact that she can poke fun at herself only endears her even more to me.

Have a beautiful day! (and make sure to laugh at yourself!)