Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{8 things}

to my dearest friends:

I have been a pretty big slacker on this here blog lately... however, in my defense, I've been quite stellar with daily {okay, okay, hourly} updates on my Instagram!

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I thought it would be fun to say hello with a few quirky things I've been learning about myself over the past week {or sometime in the past 25 years}. 8 things to be precise {because that's all I could come up with}.

1. I have a strange and increasing fear of voicemails. Why am I so afraid of clicking "play" when I know that I'll get to hear my loved ones' voices on the other end? I don't know. I think it makes me feel like I'm signing a contract or making a vow to call back in a timely manner or carry out some kind of enormous task. It's a bizarre phobia I'm looking forward to conquering. I know it's strange and to me, it's sad. I'm sorry if you've felt neglected because of it. If you have called me in the past year or so and never heard back, I'm sorry. I love you and I'm working on it.

2. I do not like leftovers. Not sure why, but the idea of eating the same thing two days in a row does not appeal to me. The idea of turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving gives me the willies. No thank you. So from now on if I ask for leftover this or that, you'll know either I really love you or whatever you made was darn good!

3. Snakes. I don't even know if I have the stamina to complete this one. I hate them. They terrify me to an unhealthy level. If I even start thinking about them too much I start to freak out a little... like now. Okay, done.

4. My closet is color-coded. I've thought about sorting the individual colors by sleeve length but thought that might be going a little too far.

5. I am grossed out by the idea of microwaving chicken. Yuck. Talk about a rubber chicken!

6. I love the previews before a movie so I never let my fellow movie watchers skip them. If I'm out of the room, I will actually ask Aaron to pause the previews until I return. Crazy, I know. I enjoy watching previews almost as much as I enjoy the movie itself. I always come up with a list of movies I can't wait to see, and then never get around to it. Movie date anyone?

7. If I could only listen to one musician/band for the rest of my days, I would choose Joshua Radin. His breathy voice does something very, very good for my soul. He is my current Pandora station and I'm loving it.

8. I love to read. I basically devour books and I am in love with the library. Since the middle of June I've probably read around 10 books {aka at least 1.25 books a week}. I can't walk out of the library with only one book. I have to wander and search and emerge with a stack of 4 or 5 {...or 11}. I'm always taking {and giving} suggestions!! So bring 'em on!

{via Aaron on Instagram -Yes, this really, truly happened... there were witnesses}

What is something funny, unusual, quirky, or downright weird that you're brave enough to share? I dare you!


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  1. I like your quirks :)..Here are a few of mine:

    1. I enjoy finding thrift stores in any town I am visiting. I sometimes even google them before I visit just to know what and where they are. I so enjoy a great bargain.

    2. I enjoy variety in almost every meal except breakfast. I grew up eating cereal every morning and now it is an apple and peanut butter. I definitely never turn food down but I like a morning routine.

    3. Too many different sources of noise in one area really makes me nuts. It is too much stimulus coming at me and i feel like exploding when things are too loud..( example would be tv, radio, computer playing something and people trying to talk over all of that at the same time.)

    4. I love flannel jammies and feather pillows. I told mike I wanted to be buried in flannel jammies with a feather pillow. Not a satin and lace kind of gal.

    5. Coffee and black tea make me, literally, sick at my stomach(unusual because i use to drink it years ago) but in the past month i have found i can tolerate herbal tea. Yeah!

    6. I call my husband and children by pet names more than i do by their real names. I really don't think about it, my love for them just comes out that way, much to some of their embarrassment. I do the same to my students at times too :). A southern thing????

    7. I have never had a cavity.. my parents had terrible teeth so i am thankful for that. Not sure if that is quirky or not :).

    8. I play with my hair when reading, talking on the phone or at my wits end with stress. I guess it is a comfort to me :). One of the most relaxing things someone can do for me is gently brushing my hair. I love that :).

    We are all quirky. Pasty Clairmont once said "Normal is only a setting on a dryer". Thanks for sharing :).